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Knotwork Links Bracers

Bracers are a way of protecting the arm against sword blows and random cuts without having to wear a whole suit of armor. They are basically an extended bracelet covering from wrist to right below the elbow. They look and feel great!

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The diamond bracer is more elegant and flowing than the run of the mill bracer. It could easily be worn on a formal occasion, and reminds us a lot of a fancy shirt sleeve. Piece is made out of 5/16" galvanized steel, woven in the European 4-in-1 pattern, and is held on with tension formed by pressure against muscle. Can also be laced with leather so that it ties in place. DIAMONDS $35.00 each
The web is another highly decorative piece woven out of 7/16" galvanized steel, in the European 6-in-1 pattern. An extra wide band circles the wrist to provide extra protection and hefty weight. Crisscrossing chromed chains hold the wrist and upper arm sections together. WEBRACER $45.00 each

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These are our basic bracers, and probably the most historically accurate (especially since there is no historical basis for maille bracers). They are approximately 3.5 inches wide, made out of 16 ga. galvanized steel in the European 4-in-1 pattern. A leather lace ties them tightly around the wrist. Very sturdy, very stylish. BRACERS $40.00 per pair/ $22.00 each.

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