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List of Some Movies or Shows With Chainmaille, authentic or not

by David Coder of Knotwork Links Chainmail
Compiled through the keen observation and good graces of the submitters listed below. For some rather long but good reading, check out the bulletin board topic from which this all started: Maille in the Movies

Movie or Show Name

Year of Release



13th Warrior 1999 Yes

1 2 3 

Amadeus   No  
Amazons and Gladiators 2001 No  
Andromeda (TV Series) 2000-???? Yes

1 2 3

The Arena 1973 (?) No  
Army of Darkness 1993 No  
Beastmaster 1982/1999 (?) No  
Bedazzled (w/ Elizabeth Hurley) 2000 No  
Bedknobs and Broomsticks (Disney)   No  
Being Human   No  
Ben Hur   No  
Beowulf 1999 No   
Black Adder (TV)   No  
Black Knight 2001 No 1
Blade II   No  
Blazing Saddles   No  
Braveheart 1995


1 2 3 4

Caligula   No  
Camelot 1967 Yes   
Charlie's Angels 2000 Yes 1 2
Commando (possibly knitted chainmaille look alike) 1985 No 1
Conan the Destroyer & Conan the Barbarian   No  
Cyborg 1989 No  
Dark Prince (TV Movie) 2000 No   
Death Wish V: The Face of Death 1994 No   
Dogma 1999 Yes 1 2 3 
Dragonheart 1996 Yes   
Dragonheart: A New Beginning   No  
Dune   No  
Dungeons & Dragons   No  
Excalibur 1981 Yes 1 2 3
ExistenZ   No  
Farscape (TV Series) 1999-???? No  
First Knight (quasi-maille) 1995 Yes 1
Monty Python's Flying Circus, Tape #15 1969-1974 No  
Gladiator 2000 Yes 1 2
Hamlet 1990 No   
Henry the Fifth   No  
Highlander series 1986-2000 Yes   
Highlander (the original movie) 1986 Yes   
Highlander 3   No  
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1989 Yes 1
Ivanhoe  (with Robert Taylor) 1952 No 1 2
Jason X   No  
Joan of Arc 1999 No   
John Carpenter's Vampires 1998 No  
Johnny Mnemonic 1995 Yes 1
Just Visiting 1984/1982 No  
A Knight's Tale 2001 Yes   
Knights of the Round Table 1954 No  
Ladyhawke (quasi-maille) & (sorta-maille) 1985 Yes Mini Gallery
Legend 1985 No  
The Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (wonderful movie) 2001 No  
Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome 1985 Yes 1
Men In Black II   No  
Merlin (TV Movie) 1998 No   
The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc 1999 Yes 1 2 3 4 
The Mists of Avalon (TV) 2001 Yes  
Monty Python and the Holy Grail 1975 Yes 1 2 3 4
Pitch Black   No  
Planet of the Apes 2001 Yes  
Porky's II 1983 No  
Princess Bride   No  
Red Sonja 1985 No  
Robin Hood: Men In Tights 1993 No  
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves 1991 No   
Romeo + Juliet 1996 Yes 1 2
Runaway 1985 No  
The Running Man 1987 No  
Scorpion King   No  
Shakespeare in Love 1998 No  
SHE 1985 No  
Skulhedface (A GWAR movie) 1994 No  
Spartacus 1960 No  
Spawn 1997 Yes 1
Total Recall 1990 No  
The Vikings 1958 No   
Weird Science 1985 No  
Witchblade: The Movie (TV Movie) 2001 Yes   
Wild Wild West 1999 Yes   
Willow 1988 No 1

Year of Release - Refers to the year in which the referenced movie was release. Researched from the Internet Movie Database.
Confirmed - Whether or not I have actually seen proof of said maille. More below...
Picture - Click to see what proof I have online of said maille. This isn't the only proof I've seen. Many pictures are from the IMDb.

--If you know of a movie with maille in it and it isn't listed here, send me an e-mail! If you could attach a picture of the maille in the movie, I will list it as confirmed. If not, I'll just list it as not confirmed. 
--If you happen to have pictures of maille from any of the movies listed, I'd be happy to accept that too. --I'll put your name in a list of contributors, if you so wish, at the bottom of this page. 
--If you want to link to this page, feel free, but please give credit where credit is due and don't claim this page as part of your site unless given permission from me. 

Super Duper Bonus!!! Famous maille sightings on random people and places
Cher    Scott Steiner (WWF)     Muscle Mag Woman       Ozzy Osbourne       Sports Illustrated: Rebecca Romijn Stamos      Also in Baha Men's video for Shrek

Contributors: ((funny names are from THE Chainmaille Board , we are knotlinks))
Sir Guido TMAXx
Odin - PoD -
Greensleeve1275 SinisterFrog -
Second Hand Hippie - WarlordOfChaos -
Stoli David Hagler -
Buddha Aderamelech -
Tretboot - Gilleban -
LadyLockeout FrankH
Aeryn Elvenstar Jimmith
Karel Monster John
Eldridge22 Knightmare
Anacreon Dubie-n-dani
Angus MacBaine Cinnibar
Berok Silfrson

Explanation of quasi-maille:

The term "quasi-maille" is a KLC term, and should not be considered in any way a historical or accepted term. I first used the term after it came to my attention that the maille in First Knight wasn't real maille, but a weird sort of plate/maille combination. After some intense searching, I found a company that made exactly what was in the movie. 

The company was called Metal-Chainex, and WAS at For whatever reason, their page is now defunct, which leaves us no reference as to how to make the stuff. Some of this quasi-maille can be seen in my Ladyhawke pictures above. It is the shiny silver stuff, not the darker bronze looking stuff. It is included here as a reference to how the eye can fool the viewer, and to show some different types of maille like material.

As a further study into what exactly this strange material is, I studied the DVD captures and talked to some other maillers. I have drawn up a diagram of how I think the quasi-maille is constructed. Mind you, this is how I think the quasi-maille is constructed. 

Explanation of Confirmation Status

I will list a movie as confirmed only if it has met certain criteria. These criteria are as follows:

A) I have seen said movie and have seen said chainmaille or chainmaille look alike. 
2) I believe that the chainmaille in said movie is real linked maille, or a derivation thereof.
III) Usually, other people think so too.

Q: How come you have some of the movies confirmed, but no pictures of the maille?
A: I have no video capture equipment for VHS or DVD anymore, so I am unable to get stills showing maille. If you have this equipment or stills of the maille in question, send them to and you'll be rewarded with your name in the above list and good karma.

Q: How come you have some movies listed with pictures clearly showing chainmaille, but they are listed as unconfirmed?
A: As stated above, I want to actually see the chainmaille in the movie myself before I list it as confirmed. If I haven't seen the movie, I can't really list it as confirmed. Also, I was mistaken in the past in listing Commando as confirmed, because I had seen the film in the past and was shown a picture of the "chainmaille". I tricked my eyes and myself into believing that the painted knitted sweater like material was actually chainmaille. I hope I don't do this again. Sorry.

Q: Do you have a life outside of chainmaille and these movies?
A: Well, that answer has four main parts. The first part is thi.... OOOHHH! Chainmaille sounds coming from my movie, gotta go!


And the winner for best chainmaille joke in this thread goes to Gilleban, with this:

Just remembered part of the credits...a chunk of it was filmed in Prague, so the gorget and shirt might have been produced there...keep forgetting the Czechs are in the maille...


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