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Cupid in Love Shackles

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These chainmaille shackles are handmade from 17 ga, 1/4" inner diameter galvanized steel links. The galvanization means these shackles will not rust under even the most aggressive use, unless you plan to file away at them...

Three patterns are used in these shackles: the main cuffs are European 4-1 edged with Half Persian 3-1, and the chain connecting the two cuffs is a variant on Byzantine chains. What all this means to you is that you get a very interesting, very textured, and very sturdy piece of equipment.

The cuffs can accommodate a wrist (or anything else) as small as 1/2" all the way up to ~8" in diameter. They are ~ 1 1/4" wide, and are separated by 3 1/2" of chain. There are 558 hand coiled, cut, and closed links in these shackles, each closed with the utmost care. They have been inspected to make sure they are very comfortable.


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