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Some of Our Custom Orders and Experiments

This page is a gallery of some of our custom creations, at least the ones we have pictures of. As we make more and more custom items, we will continue to place more pictures here to give you a better idea of what we are capable of and how we work with the client. All of the pictures are clickable to bring you to the larger versions, but some of the larger versions are very large, so be patient. 

  Our first custom piece for the page is a set of juggling spheres for a customer living in Florida. This wonderful combination of one red and two purple juggling spheres will make for some interesting juggling routines indeed. A multicolor combination like this cost only $1.50 more than a single color. Enjoy!

One red and two purple juggling spheres. Full size pic is 50.7 kb.

  This is the result of a large amount for interest in the juggling spheres. We received three new order for them in a three day span. Once all the orders were completed, I thought a picture was necessary. This is the best and most artistic one of the bunch.
  Our next custom order is from an auction we carried out through eBay. Occasionally we offer our chainmail items and services through eBay. This was a fabulous purse we sold, consisting of 1747 individual hand closed links. It was an over the shoulder, across the chest piece, and it had many hours of hard work put into it. The shoulder strap was a flattened box pattern, as was the lip of the purse. The purse body itself was a modified European 4-1 pattern, with two different sized links. Overall a very fun and elegant piece!
  A new dawn has risen on the KLC properties. And with that dawn comes the wonderful world of chainmailleing stuffed animals. This particular animal, a moose, was given as a going away gift for a friend of our head chainmailler. He has a complete, single piece saddle with butt protector made out of European 4-1, and an antler ring made out of x-weave with a purple fiber optic bead.
  The next piece is of a plate and maille combination. The plates are approximately 2 inches square, and are held together with 16 gauge 5/16" rings. This was an experiment in thought and layout. The plates were hand cut and worked, and the holes in the plates were drilled and countersunk using a drill press. Overall a very interesting and LOUD piece. The links clang against the plates, and cause a bloody great racket.
  This last picture is custom made for a friend, Jeff, using his first initial as the inspiration for a keychain. The weave is snakechain, and a heavy wire inside gives the chain it's structure. A short section of spiral connects the J to the keyring.

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