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How to make "Alien" weave 
((name subject to change))

1) Start with two straight chains of 4-in-1. These chains should be of equal length, of the same inner diameter, and made out of the same gauge wire. The length of these chains obviously determines the length of your finished chain, so start with your chains as long as you want your finished piece to be. The chains should be laid side by side, with the directions of the weaves running opposite to each other.

2) Lay one chain on top of the other, intermeshing the two so they lie relatively flat and look like one chain.

3) Add first connecting link. This link should go through the first four links on the top left of your piece: two on the top sheet and two on the bottom. The red highlighted link shows the new link in place.
4) Complete the top row with connecting links, making sure not to pass the links through each other. New links shown highlighted in red, last step's links shown in green
5) Connect the other side (bottom) in the same way.
6) One problem with using the same size links to link the chain as you used to make the chain is that the links will move and overlap, causing a rather unsightly pattern distortion, as is highlighted in a red box in this picture. Using all the same links does improve the flexibility of this pattern, however.
7) Using smaller links will help this, but does cause a decrease in flexibility.
8) Here is a side view of what the finished chain should look like, with the connecting links highlighted in red.

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