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    One of the elements that is most important to any chainmail item is the clasp that holds it together. It would seem a horrible waste to see a beautiful piece of chainmail art lost due to a second rate clasp. We therefore test each clasp style we buy, and if that style doesn't stand up the rigorous renn-faire conditions, we choose not to use it. We also try to consider what the clasp will be mainly used for: will it take very little pressure and be mainly decorative, or will it need to hold up under great strain and abuse? From all of this we have chosen a handful of different clasp styles that you may choose from. Most clasps are interchangeable, if you like a certain style, but if we think a clasp may be ill suited for what you want it to do, we will be sure to mention it.

That which holds us together.....

This is the roundup of all our standard clasps. Some are commercially bought, some our KLC made. All of these clasps do certain jobs well, some do all jobs well....

A large carabineer, used mainly in wallet chains and to hold heavy loads. Also interesting on necklaces.

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A screw type clasp, used in bracelets and anklets.

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The mainstay of KLC clasps. A basic hook, handmade at KLC, and very sturdy. Metal and gauge to match your item, but usually 16 gauge galvanized steel. Chainmaillers can order these clasps

Small hoop clasp, mainly for necklaces. Dependable closure, but is slightly harder to use one handed than most other clasps.

A KLC made clasp. This is used on chain type bracelets and necklaces for decorative purposes.

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Decorative (yet functional) clasp, used mainly in bracelets and handflowers.

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Price chart for KLC hook clasps. Prices are for ten clasps. Maximum order is 20 clasps per week, due to production time. 
(note: prices changed due to recalculation of production time and rising material costs, sorry for any inconvenience)

Wire Gauge Copper Galvanized Steel Brass
16 ga $6.00 / 10 $5.00 / 10 $7.00/10

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