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As of 6/13/01, Knotwork Links Chainmaille will not be selling full armor vests or hauberks except in very special cases. The rest of our armor is still being made and is available for purchase (bracers, coifs). We are sincerely sorry for any trouble this may have caused.

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Basic Bracers
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Decorated Coif
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(Also look at our bracers page)

Strong and sturdy bracers made from 16 gauge galvanized steel, 5/16" ID links. Bracers are a form of armor that would protect the arm and wrist from being slashed while fending off blows. They could also have been used in hand to hand combat for backhand punches. Leather lace draws bracer tight, ensuring a snug fit. As with all of our armor items, we will make exactly what you want, exactly as you want it. BRACERS $40.00 per pair

Custom Made Coif
An extremely decorated version of a traditional coif/headpiece. this is my own personal piece, which I custom made from pictures drawn in my head. I believe it shows a bit of the flexibility we here at Knotwork Links have. We can make anything your heart desires. The decorative part of the coif is made from brass and copper links. A custom piece like this would probably cost around $150.00, as the copper and brass tend to get rather expensive and delicate to work with. Less ornamental pieces would of course cost less, depending on size.

Some examples of our fine armor on the female form.  

angie3.jpg (26661 bytes) kldg25.jpg (43717 bytes)
Angel in a bishop's mantle. Angel in a full hauberk. Kate in a cool checkerboard hauberk.
(Copper and galvanized)
Lisa in a bishop's mantle, coif, and full hauberk. Kate in a bishop's mantle.

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