Knotwork Links Standard Bead Stock

Many, if not all, of our designs can be embellished with a few tactfully placed beads. These beads can be "interwoven" into the mail or hung from it, and draw a lot of attention. Shown are some of our standard stock beads, in as accurate a color as imperfect computing can get them.

KLC Beads

From left to right: Hematite, Black Onyx, Snowflake Obsidian, Jade, Green Dyed Fossil, Pink Dyed Fossil, Blue Dyed Fossil, Carnelian (?). The numbers shown on the ruler are in Cm, the small tick marks are in mm.

Specialty Stock

These are some of our special beads that we have IN STOCK right now. We can attach them to anything you see listed in our catalog, most for just a dollar or two more than the regular price. Obviously, the more elaborate the bead or the work done on that bead, the more expensive. If you don't see what you're looking for here, or you have a special personal trinket that you want attached to your maille, write to us and we'll be glad to help.

A choice of rings (from top, clockwise) Jade hoop, Tiger Eye hoop, Copper washer, Copper plated ring, Gold bells

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A few more teardrops (top to bottom): Dark blue glass, hematite with silver, Blue glass with handmade design ($1.50)

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Two periwinkle glass beads: A teardrop and a truncated sphere

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Small multicolored iridescent glass beads

A large hanging pendant, made out of tourmaline, Onyx, and Silver. This pendant swings on a delicate central hinge. ($9.00)

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Our bell selection
1)Cow Bell
2)Large Jingle
3)Liberty Bell
4)Antique Bell
5)Small Jingles
6)Tinkle Bells
5 and 6 are available in chrome or gold colors.

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