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Clickable Image 4in1 chain with triangle dagg, shown with rose quartz drop bead 4in1 chain, drape style, with three copper tipped daggs. Large gorget with copper insert in diamond shape Simple doubled chain with a dangle for hanging beads. Shown with green glass bead. Diamond pendant made with three metals, copper, brass, and galvanized steel. Shown on leather strap. Large chain made with the box pattern. 4in1 choker with a mineral ring woven into the middle. Shown with heavy amethyst ring. Beaded Dagg
4-in-1 chain with a single dagg, from which hangs a bead. DAGGNECK $15.00

Beaded Chain
Interlocking chain with a single hanging bead. Chain is of simple 2 into 2 style (simple chain), and is shown with a green glass bead.  BEADNECK $10.00

Diamond Pendant

A chainmail diamond composed of galvanized steel, copper, and brass. All links are doubled, which gives it good weight. Suspended from a black leather strap. LETHNECK $8.00

Box Chain

Box chain, forms square tube when pulled taut. Excellent as a general apparel necklace, not too fancy. BOXXNECK $15.00

Large Copper Gorget

4-in-1 chain with large dagg in center. Dagg is composed of a large copper diamond surrounded by doubled galvanized 4-in-1. Very elegant, BGDGNECK $35.00

Simple Choker with Ring
4-in-1 chain with an Amethyst (or mineral of your choice) ring in the center. AMTHNECK $10.00

3 Dagg Drape
4-in-1 chain with 3 daggs, all daggs are double 4-in-1 with copper tips. COPPNECK $20.00

Further styles of necklaces that we make. Although not featured yet, we can certainly make any of these styles for you. We can also make most anything that you can draw out for us, we love custom jobs! 

Angel in a flower pattern chain, copper and galvanized steel. 

Lisa in a small gorget, with double drapes. Made of galvanized steel, in 4in1 and spiral patterns.

Darlene in a tri-dangle box pattern necklace, very formal and elegant. Shown in annealed steel and copper.

Angel in a new style necklace. Very long commercial chain with aluminum 4in1 triangles at the ends. 

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