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Excellent chainmail juggling apparatus for anyone from the advanced juggler to the amateur. Unlike most juggling balls or bags, our balls and cubes makes lovely metallic clinks when caught (or dropped!). Click here for short sound. And our juggling toys are both eye catching and nearly indestructible*!

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Juggling Balls

Juggling Donuts

Juggling Spheres

Juggling Cubes

  Juggling Cubes
All-chainmail juggling cubes which are 1 1/2 inches on each side. When caught, the cubes don't roll, bounce, or fall away, you know, because they're cubes. Handmade layer by layer, with the base pattern of Japanese 4in1. These cubes are made out of 17 gauge wire with 1/4" inner diameter links. Each cube takes over 5 1/2 hours to complete, and has exactly 518 links. The pattern to make this is rather complex, hence the long completion time. Available in galvanized steel, copper, or brass. Also great as a paperweight or just a conversation piece!
Galvanized- GALVCUBE $22.00 each OR $60.00 for 3
Copper- COPPCUBE $27.00 each OR $75.00 for 3
Brass- BRASCUBE $37.00 each OR $105.00 for 3
One of each kind (Galvanized, copper, brass) ASSTCUBE $80.00

Juggling Spheres
These spheres are approximately 2 1/2 inches in diameter, and are made from 242 links each. They are made of four different sized rings, and two different ring gauges. Instead of expanding through the addition of rings, this style of sphere expands by using larger and larger rings. The smallest ring is 1/8" inner diameter, the largest is 7/16" inner diameter. The spheres are currently available only in galvanized steel.. Each sphere take a little over an hour to complete (about an hour and 15 minutes). We stuff these spheres with cloth, usually in a dark color. The in stock cloth will have the lowest turn around time because we don't have to order new cloth to complete the shipment. We are working on getting a steady supply of colors that are sturdy and water safe, if you need a specific color, we'll be happy to do that for no extra charge.
Galvanized- JUGGSPHR $15.00 each or $40.00 for three.

Juggling "Donuts"
A flexible donut-shaped chainmail tube. Collapses when caught. Made from a continuous 4in1 tube attached back to itself. Available in galvanized steel, copper, and brass, with 5/16" inner diameter links. 288 Links per donut.

Galvanized- GALVDONT $8.00 each OR $21.00 for 3
Copper- COPPDONT $13.00 each OR $36.00 for 3
Brass- BRASDONT $18.00 each OR $51.00 for 3
One of each kind ASSTDONT $37.00

Juggling Balls
The most inexpensive juggling implements we offer. A large clear iridescent-blue colored marble encased in a sphere of 16 gauge 5/16" chainmail links. These balls take about 30 minutes each to make, not counting coiling time. We can also attach a pair of small bells to each of these balls for only $0.50 a ball. This makes the juggling noise even more musical! Available only in galvanized steel, due to strength of design. JUGGBALL $6.50 each OR $18.00 for 3

*Of course, nothing is indestructible in this world, although Styrofoam certainly comes close.

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