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Fire Goddess Bra
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 Fire Goddess Skirt
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Goddess Chainmail Bra (more styles soon)
This chainmail bra pictured will fit a size A as well as a size B cup, but a custom fit piece can be made to fit most sizes. The cups are a four-in-one pattern that is modified to fit and actually offer support. The straps are a four-in-one with un-flipped rings. They come around the neck, connect in the back, and continue down the middle of the back in order to provide comfort for motion of the shoulder blades. A leather cord is strung through the bottom row of chainmail to provide extra support, and ties in the back. Picture shown with modesty liner. Due to how well this piece must fit to be perfect, quite a few measurements will be needed. Therefore we cannot send this piece out immediately; after we have the measurements, shipping will occur within one week. Basic bra prices from $75.00, piece shown would cost $115.00, but all are available with a variety of beads and sizes.
See the feature pages below for more bra pictures...

Goddess Chainmail Skirt
This chainmail skirt is a modified Japanese four-in-one pattern made from 16 gauge 5/16 in. galvanized wire. The picture shown is of a box style, but diamond is also available. The waist is made of European four-in-one and has two clasps. The skirt shown has a slit up one side to provide free movement, but with a waist measurement, we could eliminate the slit. This is a loose pattern that will flow and sway. The open pattern also makes the skirt lighter than a closed pattern would allow. This style can also be lengthened or made into a point at the hem. Prices from $100.00 {piece shown would be about $100.00, but the addition of beads, bells, lengthening, etc. would raise the price.}

Chainmail Belt
This chainmail belt is made of a four-in-one pattern with a long drape, as would be seen in the medieval or renaissance times. The drape sways gracefully when you move and accents any dress. The belt shown has pearl-type beads at intervals along the belt and one at the bottom of the drape. Prices from $30.00 {piece pictured would be about $50.00, cost varies with or without beads, bells, drapes, length, etc.}

The Beauty of Chainmaille

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Angel in a chainmaille bra and dagged belt. Leah in a highly decorated chainmaille bra. Laurie in a Fire Goddess style top and bottom.  Kari in a smashing belt, copper and galvanized steel.

Kate in the Fire Goddess bottom.

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