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This is a small sampling of the variety of dazzling earrings we can create. All of the earrings shown here can be made in any of the metals we carry. More pictures will be put up shortly, showing some more bizarre but beautiful combinations of patterns and colors. Also, by special request we can put these earring on surgical stainless steel posts, titanium posts, niobium posts, or whatever your sensitive ears require!


4-in-1 drop earring, small aluminum or stainless links.
4IN1DROP $7.00 pair


Large box pattern, shown in copper and brass. (hematite shown)
LBOXDROP $5.00 pair


Long byzantine pattern earring. Made of silver coated copper. (bell shown)
BYZNTEAR $10.00 pair


Single section of byzantine pattern with bead drop. Three different size links.
SBYZTEAR $5.00 pair


Pentacle shape earring, all aluminum, very light.
PENTACLE $10.00 pair


Long snake pattern earring. Shown in brass and annealed steel. (tiger's eye)
SNAKEEAR $9.00 pair

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