Fun Stuff and Neat Pics

This is a page full of wonderful pictures of our chainmail in action, all the pictures are clickable to bring you to the full version. We will continue to add new pictures to this page as we take them. I can't promise FREQUENT updates, it's all based on the availability of willing models and the quantity of free time I have. These pictures will also be in no particular order, so click away at whatever looks nice! Have fun and feel free to come back to see the updates!

AngelMantel.jpg (27813 bytes) AngelMantle2sm.jpg (5065 bytes)
Some fabulous pics of Angel in a chainmail bra, bishop's mantle, necklaces, and a belled belt.

 nataliesm.jpg (3499 bytes) davesm.jpg (2132 bytes) natalie2sm.jpg (2327 bytes) queensm.jpg (2677 bytes)
One of our favorite models (and friends) Natalie, 1st pic (headband) and 3rd pic (byzantine necklace). Dave is 2nd pic (vest).
Laurie and Zack show that chainmail always gets the royal treatment (beaded bra and open skirt).

Kate just being beautiful...

Kate shows her softer side...

LisaNAngel.jpg (28739 bytes)
Lisa carrying Angel, as a proper Amazon should...

Robyn shows what she's made of....
small.jpg (11811 bytes)
Picture showing how small we can make our mail. ((Post note: since this, we've gone smaller))
One of my aunts showing off my first shirt...
Colleen modeling the "swishy" properties of chainmail...

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