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Strong and stylish keychains for the modern gatekeeper. When the bottom ring on the tube keychain is pulled, it makes the otherwise chaotic pattern form a tube.
Tube keychain- TUBECHAN $5.00
Key fob- KEYFOB $5.00
Spiral keychain- SPRLCHAN $7.00
4-in-1 loop(Not shown)- 4IN1CHAN $5.00
Chainmail Bag
A sturdy bag to carry all your valuables in. Perfect as a change purse, will hold even the smallest of coins securely and discretely. Leather tie cord. Bag is approximately 2.5 inches wide by 4 inches long. Bigger bags are available upon request.
Chainmail Headband
A truly elegant headband made from the stylish 4-in-1 pattern. This headband will not pull your hair. With black elastic strap in back.
A beautifully made piece of hand jewelry. Chainmail ring slips down around middle finger, and a bracelet type attachment secures the piece to your wrist. Makes an elegant dress piece. Available with or without bells.
HNDFLWR1- $15.00

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